About Team Driven

Nissan enthusiasts need a place to talk about their cars. The internet, with its endless information about Nissans, is great place to do that. However, how often do you get to meet the people you talk to or post messages with? Or how many people do you run into on your normal day that enjoy Nissan automobiles? Team Driven is a group of people that like Nissans. We like the car, we like to drive them, and like to talk about them.

Team Driven originally started over 6 years ago in San Diego with a group of B15 Sentra SpecV's. Today it has shifted to mainly Northern California and to include many kinds of Nissans. It includes members who would like to enhance their vehicles, whether it is for racing, restoring, or just modifying for fun. Some members participate in autocross, drift competitions or go to the drag strip. Others like to display their ride in a variety of shows, while some just like to eat and work on cars.

Our meets consists of anything from having BBQ's and plain get-togethers, to going Karting, or taking caravans to larger shows and meets. We're also very active among the different Nissan specific Bulletin Board Forums. Visit the links section to see the forums we represent.

if you have a Nissan, Infiniti, or Datsun: Z family, Altima, Sentra (including the SE-R's), Maxima, G20 and G35 just to name a few, and live in California , come and enjoy the drive.

To Join our family please send us an application today. --APPLICATION LINK HERE--